About Us

About Us  

Following a period of double digit rate increases, in 1994, thirteen Imperial County school districts joined together to form a benefit purchasing pool known as the Imperial County Schools Benefit Consortium. Through their efforts in unifying plan designs, sharing loss experience, and selecting one insurance company, the Consortium was successful in improving benefit levels and holding rate adjustments well below the national average.

To expand the effectiveness and continued success of the effort, in 1997, the organization decided to formalize their structure into a 501(c)(9) trust, identified as the Imperial County Schools Voluntary Employees Benefits Association, or ICSVEBA.

Soon after forming the consortium, it was recognized that to ensure the continued participation of the school districts, and to make certain the interests of all participants were addressed and served, there must be shared governance with equal representation of labor and management. The Voluntary Employees Benefits Association 501(c)(9)Trust delivers this structure.

The ICSVEBA Board includes twelve (12) voting members: six (6) representing labor and six (6) representing management. Both management and labor also have two alternates. Voting is by consensus with one vote being counted for management, and one vote counted for labor. The ICSVEBA Board Chair and Vice Chair rotate annually from management to labor. Trustee Board meetings are held monthly and Human Resource Support meetings are held twice per year.                                            

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