Working Together to Make a Difference

Carrum Health

Bundled surgery

Carrum Health is a new way to get surgery. Having an operation can be overwhelming; from figuring out the best surgeon to determining how much it will cost, to getting through the recovery. That’s where Carrum Health comes in. Carrum works with your current medical plan, and with no additional cost, you get:

  • Exclusive access to top-quality surgical care at Scripps Health for hip/knee replacement, spinal fusion and coronary bypass surgeries

  • No medical bills! You pay zero out of pocket costs

  • Personalized “concierge” support throughout your journey from selecting the best surgeon, gathering the paperwork to post-discharge recovery care

  • A $500 gift card if you use Carrum for your next eligible surgery!

To learn more or get started with the program, contact Carrum Health toll free at 888.855.7806 or visit my.carrumhealth.com/ICSVEBA.